The Cornerstone Awards 2024

The Cornerstone Awards have been an important recognition of excellence as part of the Broadband Communities Summit since 2004. Now in its 20th year, we believe the Cornerstone Awards are due a well-deserved upgrade! For the 2024 edition, we have formalised the categories and are enhancing the judging process to ensure that the Cornerstone Awards benefit from greater credibility and transparency - ensuring that they are worth entering, worth winning, and worth shouting about! 

The aim is to recognize achievements in broadband and connectivity for all communities and municipalities that are based in the US, including residential multifamily (apartments, campus housing, active adult communities) and planned communities (multi-home developments, renewed urban areas).

Entries are free and you can nominate in as many categories as you like. This year's awards ceremony will take place immediately after the final keynote panel on Day 3 of Broadband Communities Summit, at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, Texas on May 8 2024. Once the winners have been announced all are welcome to join us for the Cornerstone Awards networking drinks, which will follow the awards ceremony!

You will need to register on the platform before you can complete your entry. Please complete all questions when registering. Note: you will receive an email with a validation code which must be added to complete the registration process. Please check your junk folder.

If you do not want to complete your entry in one sitting you can part complete your entry and come back to it later. Your information is automatically saved. Simply login again using the YOUR ACCOUNT tab in the menu to complete your entry. To submit your entry, agree to the terms and conditions then click the CONTINUE button at the bottom of the page.

The EXTENDED deadline for award entries is March 11, 2024 at 5pm (CST). Good luck!

Open to any ISP or service provider who identifies the end consumer as their customer. We are looking for the organization that can demonstrate attributes including outstanding customer service, innovative product packages and offerings and imaginative partnerships with communities

This item is not available

Community Improvement Award - this is open to operators and public-sector organizations who can demonstrate a project that brings a community together and delivers a demonstrable improvement, for example creating employment opportunities, a social based project, technology for good etc.

This item is not available

Open to any organization who has delivered a standout program to enhance digital inclusion in a community or municipality, large or small

This item is not available

This winner of this award will be determined exclusively by the panel of judges who may consider candidates that have impressed them in the past year, however the industry is invited to nominate individuals from any organization who have moved forwards the cause of connectivity in the multifamily sector

This item is not available

ISP’s, communities and municipalities are invited to enter this category for initiatives to improve connectivity for a rural location

This item is not available